Wrinkle Reduction

At Injection Fillers by Sia we specialize in a range of medical grade non surgical skin treatments that are successful in rejuvenating, refining, plumping and stimulating.

With our scientifically proven equipment, we are able to deep cleanse and exfoliate the surface layers of the skin as well as infuse, plump, hydrate and penetrate right down to the second layer of skin known as the “dermis” without any contra-indications. This ensures our treatments to be clinically effective.



We address all areas of the face, neck, décolletage and back, with selected treatment procedures and medical grade anti oxidants to penetrate deep at the source, to correct, repair, infuse and eliminate unwanted problems.

When we look in the mirror at all our imperfections and problems, we are only judging what is on the surface, as that’s all that is visible to the naked eye. However we all know the expression “skin deep”.

Ageing skin may consist of a combination of changes such as; Redness (capillaries, rosacea) and “Brown pigment discoloration” caused by hereditary changes and hormones (melismas). Prolonged sun exposure has accelerated this occurrence due to us not protecting our skin or being “sun aware”.

There is also our natural process of ageing resulting in fine lines, creases, exaggeration of pores, loss of volume and slackening sagging facial features due to lowered production levels of collagen and elastin.

All these ageing features can’t be removed with surgery alone, as surgery can only pull the skin in areas of the face tighter. Surgery cannot improve muscle tone, quality of skin texture/tone. Repeated facial surgery can cause distortion and exaggerated facial features over time as we continue to age.

Our skin needs continual nourishment in order to replenish, repair and correct and maintain healthy glowing toned skin that responds well.

Medical grade treatments such as Laser and Mediderm visage, eliminate toxins, infuse, tone, even out pigmentation as well as tighten skin to assist in maintenance and to de-accelerate the ageing process.

Our Faces are one of our most important assets in life. Our face requires and deserves a little care, attention and investment from time to time. Due to today’s society and expectations, men and woman are constantly searching for effective treatments.
Wrinkle Reduction
However it is important for you to understand that there is no such thing as a “magical once off cure” for any age damage or reregulated skin conditions.

Using our advanced combination of medical grade equipment, procedures and medical grade skincare will help you to achieve a great improvement after a short series of frequent treatments. However it mustn’t end there. In order to obtain maximum results, it is just as important that one prepares the skin prior and follows a home routine, as well as future maintenance through professional treatments.

A skin diagnosis and analysis of the area you wish to treat can be booked in and discussed in an initial consultation with one of Injection Fillers by Sia’s professional skincare analysts. For further information on all your skins needs please book in an appointment.

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