Fractional Resurfacing

Fractional resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing has become popular over the last five years for those suffering from deep lines, sagging and acne scars.

Fractional resurfacing is one of the newer of these laser technologies and employs a laser to remove wrinkles and reduce sagging and scarring without as much downtime as traditional laser alone.

Unlike other resurfacing technologies, the fractional laser treats only microscopic sections of the skin, preserving the skin in between, which allows for faster healing.

Fractional resurfacing can be very effective, although a number of treatments will be required and it can be very expensive, running into the many thousands of dollars.

Our in-house doctor carries out fractional therapy and would be happy to answer all your questions and concerns about this treatment.

At Injection Fillers By Sia, we also have a number of treatments that are as effective as fractional treatment, without the prohibitive costs involved in fractional skin resurfacing.

To find out more about how we can resurface your skin and reduce wrinkles, scarring and sagging, contact Injection Fillers By Sia today!

What is Fractional Resurfacing?

Fractional skin resurfacing or fractional photothermolysis, means only small columns or ‘dots’ of laser light are fired into the skin, leaving untreated skin in between these ‘micro injuries’.

The columns of light ablate, or vaporise, and heat tiny sections of your skin, which promotes collagen production and skin tightening as the skin heals itself.

The depth of these columns can be adjusted to suit your particular skin needs, and can reduce wrinkles, scarring, hyperpigmentation and tighten the skin.

Traditional unfractional laser removes the entire surface of the treated skin area, which significantly prolongs healing time.

The pros of fractional laser include less downtime than traditional ablation and less risk of contra-indications. As only micro injuries are created, the laser can also penetrate deeper into the skin without scarring. The cons of fractional resurfacing can include a risk of hyperpigmentation in some skin tones and more treatments are required than complete laser ablation.

There are many different types of fractional laser treatments, including pearl fractional laser, affirm fractional laser, fractional carbon dioxide laser and more. If you are interested in fractional laser (lazer), then contact Injection Fillers By Sia and we will be happy to put you in touch with our in-house doctor.

If you are interested in other treatments that can give you similar results to fractional lasers without the costs, keep reading!

Boost collagen production and firm skin at Injection Fillers By Sia

Fractional laser treatments work by heating tiny columns of the skin, which causes ‘micro wounds’ to the skin. Collagen is then boosted as the skin heals itself, resulting in more firm, youthful looking skin.

Injection Fillers By Sia has a number of treatments that also boost collagen production in the dermis of the skin, including peels and medi light therapy.

These treatments will work in unison over time to achieve muscle and skin tightening and refirm skin contours – without the facial laser resurfacing prices and fewer contra-indications, such as scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Medi light therapy uses wavelengths of light to increase circulation and the supply of oxygen in the skin, speeding up the natural regeneration process by supplying additional nutrients. Much like fractional treatment, light therapy increases collagen synthesis, cellular growth and accelerates wound healing right down to the dermis. Injection Fillers By Sia uses different light wavelengths to stimulate collagen production, improve lymphatic drainage and stimulate the growth of connective tissue.

Our dynamic, medical grade, chirally corrected skin peels can give you similar results to fractional resurfacing as they work in a similar way – i.e. by creating a ‘wound’ to the skin.

Derived totally from plants, our natural skin peels are kinder on your skin while still achieving vastly superior results to traditional chemical peels. Our peels reach down to the dermis, stimulating collagen and elastin for skin firming.

At Injection Fillers By Sia, we listen carefully to your skin concerns, then assess your skin using our visia photo imaging technology. We will then prescribe a treatment, or combination of treatments, to help boost collagen in your skin, reduce wrinkles, scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Injection Fillers By Sia has a number of highly effective treatments that can give you similar results to fractional laser surgery, without the high price tag. So before applying a fractional laser to your skin, contact Injection Fillers By Sia for a comprehensive skin assessment and treatment program.

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