Can Dermal Fillers be your secret weapon?

Don’t wait until you require radical reversal or facial cosmetic surgery. By treating wrinkles with dermal fillers when lines are only superficial, you can maintain natural-looking youthfulness far longer – without anyone knowing.

With modern dermal fillers by Laser Hair Removal by Sia, lips can be contoured with cosmetic filler to giver a fuller pout and a more inviting smile, while facial lines, dimpling, hollows, brow furrows and other wrinkle and frown lines can be smoothed away simply and easily.

Why You Might Need This Non-Invasive Cosmetic Surgery

There are some wrinkles we can avoid: those caused by smoking, too much alcohol, poor diet, pollution and over exposure to harmful UV rays. Then there are those that no one will avoid forever: those caused by age-related loss of collagen and elasticity, and repetitive facial movements such as smiling or frowning.

Anti wrinkle treatment is often used to treat wrinkles, as it relaxes selected facial muscles and creates a smooth, fresh surface. However, there are a number of dermal skin fillers available, including collagen stimulators, which can also achieve excellent results. Fillers are injected by a fine needle into the dermal skin layer, a ‘specialised cell’ layer within the dermis, where they attract fluid to increase the volume of the treated area, plumping up furrows and wrinkles.

Dermal filler injections are ideal for fine smile lines around the eyes and mouth, increasing the volume of the cheeks and chin, deep lines between the nose and mouth, vertical creases on the upper lip, some scars, and as a deep wrinkle filler. Lip injection therapy significantly enhances lip definition and volume and prevents lipstick bleed.

Acclaimed Sydney surgeon, Dr Peter Martin, conducts dermal filler treatments at the cutting-edge Bondi clinic, Injection Fillers by Sia, to help remove wrinkles, give more depth and definition to hollow areas and fine lips, and to transform aging skin.

To achieve the ultimate dermal filler before and after result, in cases such as severe pigmentation, Injection Fillers by Sia recommend laser rejuvenation treatments be used to complete the transformation.

Points You Need to Know

Dermal skin fillers are temporary, with maximum results lasting around nine months. However, semi-permanent and permanent fillers are also available. Each option for dermal filler treatment should be discussed with your dermal filler specialist.

Treatment time depends on the method used and the area being treated. You may require some pre-treatment procedures, and collagen dermal filler may require pre-testing against allergic reaction. Some short-term redness, swelling or bruising may appear, though fillers are invariably low-allergenic. For sensual lip enhancement, dermal lip fillers provide results with only a slight risk of temporary minor swelling or bruising.

When receiving permanent dermal filler, or one of the temporary dermal fillers, discomfort is usually minimal and injections may be given without a local anaesthetic; however, pain relief is available for those with low pain thresholds.

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