Lip Enhancements

Lip Enhancements

A loss of the natural fullness in the lips is a normal sign of aging and cannot be avoided. This kind of tissue loss can lead to deep lip lines and lipstick bleed.

But now lip enhancement, or lip augmentation, is available to replace this natural loss, re-plumping your lips to their youthful best using cosmetic injectables.

Lip enhancement using cosmetic injectables involves injecting a dermal filler into particular parts of the lips to enhance their natural shape, fill in wrinkles or lines and increase fullness – for beautiful, natural-looking lips.

Injection Fillers By Sia specialises in lip injections and other cosmetic injectables at our Bondi, Castle Hill and Sydney City clinics. We pride ourselves on providing the best lips treatment prices and the most accurate, up to date information to our clients, including ‘what is the best filler for the lips’ and ‘should I have a temporary or a permanent lip filler?’.

Unlike other clinics, a qualified doctor carries out all our lip and other fillers/injectable treatments after rigorous sensitivity and allergy testing to ensure you are a suitable candidate.

Our lip treatments also ensure a natural-looking result that complements your face.

So if you are interested in lip fillers for perfect lips, contact Injection Fillers By Sia today for information and a no-obligation assessment.

Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation involves injecting a dermal filler in and around the lips to plump up, enhance and re-shape lip contours, restoring that ‘youthful quality’ to the lips.

The filler is injected by a fine needle into the dermal skin layer, a ‘specialised cell’ layer within the dermis, where it attracts fluid to increase the volume of lips.

There are many different types of dermal fillers that can be used for this, depending on our client’s needs and skin sensitivity, and there are also temporary or permanent types of fillers that can be used for lip injections.

You may not know this, but there are many different ways fillers can be used to enhance the lips. We do not just fill in the actual lips; we can also use fillers to remove wrinkles around the lips, or in the lip line to contour the lips.

Upper lip wrinkles

As we age we can get lip wrinkles. These wrinkles can include horizontal, upper lip wrinkles, caused by the lip folding when you smile, or vertical lip lines (often called smoker’s wrinkles) that can lead to lipstick bleed.

Using our cosmetic lip injectable treatments, we can remove these lip lines, giving your mouth area a more youthful appearance and preventing lipstick bleed.

Fuller lips

Ever coveted bigger lips? Ever wanted to get those luscious, pouty lips you see on Hollywood starlets?

For lip inflation, a dermal filler is injected into the main, pink part of the upper and lower lips. This type of lip enlargement, when done well, should be undetectable.

Before undertaking a fuller lips procedure, Injection Fillers By Sia’s experts assess the natural shape and volume of your lips and the placement of your mouth on your face, in order to enhance lips naturally. Cosmetic injectables should not only make the lips bigger, but also enhance and complement your face overall.

Lip enlargement at Injection Fillers By Sia never looks overdone, as we NEVER overfill the lips, preferring instead to provide our clients with an understated look.


Dermal fillers now allow for all kinds of non-surgical lip enhancements. As well as wrinkle and line reduction, and lips augmentation, we can also enhance the lip line (also called the vermillion border), contouring the shape of the lips to give a more defined line. This helps to prevent lipstick bleed and gives you a beautiful, lip enhancing line.

The best lip plumper

There are many different dermal fillers used today, most of which are collagen based. Collagen naturally occurs in the body and can be easily broken down without leaving harmful chemical residues in the tissue. Injection Fillers By Sia uses a collagen-based stimulator for all our lip enhancer treatments.

Many years ago, silicone lip injections were used to make the lips bigger. These types of silicone lip enlargement injections were permanent. But it wasn’t until a few years later that it became clear that the silicon was not compatible with the body and had to be removed, leaving some people with scarring.

Injection Fillers By Sia would never recommend the use of injectable silicone in any procedure and we do not use it.

What is the lips treatment procedure?

If you are considering cosmetic injections in the lips, then we encourage you to contact us to get all the facts. We will be happy to take your through the all the pros and cons of fillers, permanent lip enhancement and temporary lip enhancement.

Once you have decided to go ahead with your lip enhancement procedure/s, our doctor and qualified medical staff will assess your needs, as well as the natural shape of your lips, so we can give you the best result possible that still looks natural for your face.

We will then discuss pain relief options and post-enhancement care before undertaking a skin assessment to ascertain the best filler to use for your lips.

How long does cosmetic lip enhancement last?

Our lip plumpers work instantly, and last for around six to nine months. Permanent lip augmentation is available and can be discussed with your doctor.

How much does lip enhancement cost?

The cost of lip enhancement can run into the thousands at other clinics. Our lip enhancement prices vary, depending on the filler used and where/how much is used. We encourage you to discuss your budget with our therapists prior to treatment. But most of our clients are pleasantly surprised at how affordable the cost of lip augmentation is!


What is the best lip stimulator?

We use a collagen–based stimulator at Injection Fillers By Sia for the best, most natural results.

Plastic surgery on the lips

There are more invasive procedures for the lips available around Australia and the world. This cosmetic surgery for the lips includes cosmetic lip implants, lip augmentation with your own fat, and even lip enlargement pumps. At Injection Fillers By Sia, we consider this type of lip augmentation surgery to be dangerous and unnecessary. Dermal filler are a highly effective, less invasive way to give you fuller lips without resorting to cosmetic surgery on your lips or lip enlargement surgery.

Why choose Injection Fillers By Sia?

Injection Fillers By Sia is known for our natural lip enlargement. We would never give you overdone or unnatural looking lips, even if you asked. This is because we do not believe that the best lip enhancement is achieved by making your lips look unnatural or out of balance on your face.

The best lip enhancement gives your larger lips, improved lip definition and gets rid of any wrinkles above or around the lips, for youthful, plump lips.

But don’t take our word for it; feel free to look at our gallery of before and after photos following lip fillers treatment.

In most cases for a balanced look, our lip enlargements involve filling both the top and bottom lips. However, you if just require only a top or bottom lip augmentation, please discuss this with our doctor.

We carry out both male and female lip enhancement.

Will lips injections hurt?

The lips are certainly a sensitive area. But lips filler is injected using a very fine needle and only small amounts are used, so there should be minimal discomfort. For those with a lower pain threshold, pain relief is available while we fill the lips.

Are there any contra-indications?

Fillers used for lip augmentationprovide natural results with only a minute risk of minor contra-indications. This is because we have strict hygiene standards, use the best lip fillers, and undertake thorough allergy testing before our natural lip augmentation.

Will I have to take some ‘down time’ after the treatment?

After we do a lips enlargement treatment, you may have some redness, swelling and bruising. These will all fade over a day or two.

Are collagen stimulators ok to use?

Unlike other clinics, we only use doctors to carry out our cosmetic injections for lips. Also, the dermal fillers for lips we use occurs naturally in our skin. This natural substance very rarely causes allergic reactions, and due to our rigorous hygiene standards infection is very rare. The lip enhancers will naturally dissipate over time and will not remain in your system.

At Injection Fillers By Sia we are working hard towards providing the best lip enhancement treatments in Australia. We will never give our clients a lip augmentation that makes the lips look overfilled or ‘fat’. Instead, our cosmetic lips treatments leave you with natural-looking, plump lips that complement your face. So if you want the best lip filler, reasonable lip enhancement prices, permanent or temporary lip fillers, or upper lip wrinkle and line fillers, contact Injection Fillers By Sia for information and a no-obligation assessment.

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