Then visit Injection Fillers By Sia for the very latest technology to improve and reduce the look of stretched skin.

Chance are, if you’ve ever been pregnant, put on and then lost weight, gained bulk muscle or grown up quickly, then you’ve got a bit of stretched skin. One of the telltale signs of stretched skin are stretch marks, loose skin or skin that looks papery.

If you’ve had this stretched skin for a while, then you know that creams just don’t cut it. Why? Because when you’re talking stretched skin, you’re talking about damage to the skin’s dermis. The dermis is the skin’s lower supportive layer and is what helps our skin to ‘bounce back’.

To help the skin regain it’s elasticity, you need to boost the collagen and elastin cells at this dermal layer. But over the counter creams don’t get anywhere near this layer!

Instead, Injection Fillers By Sia uses the latest technology, including our skin firming technology, dermapen, medical grade facials and skin care, to boost the collagen and elastin in the skin’s dermis for a reduction in the look of stretched skin.

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