Then prepare to experience a lot of pain and pay thousands for the privilege!

Fractional resurfacing is a laser skin treatment along similar lines of fraxel laser. It involves vaporising, or ablating, tiny microscopic sections of the skin to stimulate the skin’s healing response without causing permanent damage to the skin.

The skin’s healing response involves the release of collagen and elastin cells into the dermis, which, while they heal, also provide anti-aging benefits like a reducing in sagging, wrinkles and age spots.

But, as you can imagine, vaporising tiny sections of your skin can be immensely painful and require weeks of recovery time.

So you may be interested to know that Injection Fillers By Sia can also stimulate the skin’s healing response without the pain, price tag or recovery time of fractional resurfacing.

Using our new DERMAPEN we can also stimulate collagen and elastin. Skin needling is the exact equivalent to fractional and fraxel lasers, creating tiny, perfect vertical incisions into the skin rather than vaporising or ablating.

The Dermapen collagen induction therapy can significantly tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles, sagging and even mild scarring. This, combined with our amazing mediderm visage and light therapy, causes a significant increase in collagen and elastin release into the skin, for true skin rejuvenation.

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