You’d be amazed at all the new technologies and research into wrinkle reduction nowadays. It seems that not a year goes by without some kind of wrinkle reduction breakthrough being made.

But instead of trying to keep up with the hits and misses yourself, why not pay a visit to a Injection Fillers By Sia clinic near you?

At Injection Fillers By Sia, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the latest skin care research, importing the latest in skin care and skin technologies so our clients get the latest treatments available not only in Australia, but worldwide!

Thermal stimulation has been the clear winner for wrinkle reduction for a while now, but it is painful and costs so much it is out of the reach for the average person. Now, new technology at Injection Fillers by Sia takes thermal stimulation to the next level by achieving all the collagen and elastin stimulation without the pain, cost or recovery time.

What is thermal stimulation? Find out here.

Our new wrinkle reduction technology uses magnetic pulsing and radio frequency in unison to firm the skin naturally, without surgical intervention.

We also have a number of other very effective treatments for wrinkle reduction, including the Derma Pen, our medical grade facials and medical-grade skin care. Visit us now!