While summer means fun on the beach for most of us, for some, it’s a season of acute embarrassment. These people suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive, uncontrollable sweating.

This sweating is well beyond your usual summer ‘glow’ and can affect the face, hands, feet, face and armpits. So bad is hyperhidrosis that sufferers will avoid going out in hot weather and avoid doing any kind of activity that might trigger the symptoms.

Previously, surgery or horrible chemicals were used to control this condition. But now, cosmetic injectables are having remarkable success and giving sufferers their lives back.

Find out more about hyperhidrosis, its causes and treatments here.

Cosmetic injectables work by stopping the communication between the nerve and the offending sweat gland. It can be applied everywhere and is particularly effective against underarm sweating.

In our experience, when applied by a medical practitioner, it is effective in 100% of cases.

So don’t suffer through excessive sweating and miss out on yet another summer when Injection Fillers By Sia can do something about it. Contact us now and let our understanding and discreet staff assist you.