You may like to know that when it comes to cosmetic injections, less is more, and you don’t have to go overboard to get a good result.

In fact, the best result and the result our medical practitioners strive for at Injection Fillers By Sia, is an undetectable result that leaves your friends and family thinking you’ve just had a really good night’s sleep!

Over use of cosmetic injections can actually make you look older, a phenomenon we’re seeing now in older and younger women alike. We’re sure you’ve seen it before, that telling ‘pillow face’ look, or the over-puffed trout pout, or the frozen face.

In their drive to look younger, these women (and men!) just end up looking aged and unnatural—and some of them didn’t even need cosmetic injectables in the first place!

At Injection Fillers By Sia, we know that less is more and will never over-fill or over freeze our clients—even if they ask us to!

Instead, we use our years of expertise and highly trained medical practitioners to deliver a natural, youthful result that is undetectable. So visit us now in Bondi Junction, Sydney City and Castle Hill.