Don’t be scared of Collagen Lip Injections

Considering collagen lip injections? Collagen lip injections have come a long way since the fish-lips look of the 1980s. Now, collagen lip injections can be used to give your lips a youthful look without increasing their volume at all.

Collagen lip injections are not only used for filling the lips. In fact, often filling the lips is completely unnecessary! Using cosmetic injectables, Injection Fillers By Sia can:

  • Fill in any vertical or horizontal lines in and around the lip area
  • Define and enhance the lip line, to prevent lipstick bleed and provide a natural defined look without makeup
  • Gently and subtly fill the lips where natural fullness might have been lost through the aging process

As you can see, collagen lip injections have a variety of uses to naturally enhance your lips.

And the concern of ‘overfilling’ is not a problem at Injection Fillers By Sia. We will never overfill your lips, even if you ask us to. Why? Because good cosmetic injectable practitioners know that cosmetic injections must be used subtly or they can make you look older and unnatural.

We also only used trained medical staff for our cosmetic injections, and never trainee or non-medical staff.

So visit us at Injection Fillers By Sia for the best results in collagen lip injections.

Considering Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers can achieve amazing anti aging results and are becoming almost commonplace in Australia as women and men use these types of cosmetic injectables to keep the aging fairy at bay.

In fact, strategically applied dermal fillers and other cosmetic injectables can keep the cosmetic surgeon away almost indefinitely.

When dermal fillers were first used more than 15 years ago, it was usually silicone and it was used just to ‘fill in’ wrinkles. But dermal fillers have come a long way since then!

Now, reputable companies don’t even think about using silicone and instead use cells found naturally in the body, like hyaluronic acid and collagen. And these dermal fillers are no longer just used to fill in wrinkles, they can also be used to treat scars, hollows, and, using the very latest technique, to give you a ‘liquid facelift’.

With the dermal filler techniques used by Injection Fillers By Sia today, more invasive cosmetic procedures like facelifts and neck lifts may no longer be needed.

So give us a call at Injection Fillers By Sia and find out how our latest dermal filler techniques can be used to help you.

Fraxel Laser Treatments

Fraxel laser treatments are a very effective anti aging treatment. Fraxel laser treatments work by creating a mild ‘wound’ to the skin, which stimulates the skin’s healing response and therefore the release of collagen and elastin. This influx of collagen and elastin improves the signs of aging like wrinkles, age spots and sagging.

Fraxel laser treatments create the necessary wound to the skin by vaporising, or ablating, tiny columns of skin, leaving sections of untreated skin in between. While fraxel laser treatments are effective, they are also very painful, expensive and require significant recovery time.

But Injection Fillers By Sia has an alternative to fraxel laser treatments that is just as effective, without the pain, recovery time or price tag. Our unique magnetic pulsing and radio frequency technology uses heat to trick the skin into thinking it is wounded, to stimulate the healing response.

This amazing treatment not only causes the release of collagen and elastin in the skin, it also triggers the skin into producing more of its supporting cells, fibroblasts. After a recommended number of treatments, you skin is more youthful, with a significant reduction in wrinkles, sagging, scars and hollows.

So before considering drastic fraxel laser treatments, visit Injection Fillers by Sia.