Cosmetic injections

Cosmetic injections are becoming very popular for anti aging. Injection Fillers By Sia, the anti aging clinic renowned for bringing the latest skin technologies to Australia, also offers cosmetic injections.

Using qualified medical professionals, we can use cosmetic injections to subtly enhance the results of our amazing anti aging technologies, so you can feel more like yourself and have the confidence to enjoy life.

At Injection Fillers By Sia, we believe that everyone is already beautiful just as they are. But if you suffer from a lack of confidence caused by acne, aging or wrinkles, then we have the technology to help you do something about it.

Using our skin treatments such as light therapy, mediderm visage, laser technologies and skin rejuvenation and cellulite removal technology, we can not only help to rejuvenate your skin, but also heal common skin conditions like eczema, acne and rosacea.

Likewise, cosmetic injections can be used simply to reduce facial wrinkles and sagging, but also to improve the look of acne scarring or help treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

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Got a few wrinkles you’d rather weren’t there? At Injection Fillers By Sia, we use the latest technology, combined with proven effective, natural skin care, to not only reverse the wrinkles you already have, but to also prevent new ones from forming.

Wrinkles are a natural process caused by the thinning of the skin’s supportive layer, the dermis. This, combined with a reduction in the skin’s output of collagen and elastin, will always lead to wrinkles, no matter how much face cream you apply (however, the process can be slowed by always ensuring you protect your face from UV rays!).

There are a few different methods to tackle those pesky wrinkles. At Injection Fillers By Sia, we can recommend a treatment, or a combination of treatments, that will work best for you, the amount of wrinkling and what skin type you have.

Our anti wrinkles treatments include: medical-grade facials and peels that actually stimulate the skin’s own collagen and elastin at a dermal level; laser skin rejuvenation technology by either using our new laser technology or using our patented new magnetic pulsing and radio frequency therapy; and finally, by using cosmetic injectables.

So if you’re serious about getting rid of wrinkles, contact Injection Fillers By Sia.

Thinking about Fillers?

When done correctly, fillers can be an amazing anti aging technology. And Injection Fillers By Sia prides itself on not only using the best medical staff to carry out these cosmetic injectable treatments, but also on being at the forefront of the latest fillers techniques.

We’ve all seen those Hollywood horror stories where too much filler has been used. But rest assured, this never happens at Injection Fillers By Sia. Why? Because we want to give you only the best, most natural fillers result, so we will not overfill your face, even if you ask us to.

Fillers and what they do

As we age, we lose the plump firmness in our skin. This natural process results in deep furrows, wrinkles and hollows that no amount of anti aging cream can reverse. This is where fillers come in.

Fillers can be use to ‘plump up’ these hollows, wrinkles and furrows, such as marionette lines, lip lines, under eye hollows and more. Fillers should only be used by a qualified medical practitioner or nurse, and only on those ‘static’ wrinkles on the face that are not caused by facial expressions.

To find out more, or to book a fillers consultation, contact us.

Cosmetic Injectables

Injection Fillers By Sia, the skin clinic you trust to provide you with the best skin treatments and technology, also offers the best cosmetic injectables and dermal filler treatments across Sydney.

There are two types of cosmetic injectables treatments: cosmetic injections and dermal filler injections. Cosmetic injections are good for dynamic wrinkles caused by active facial expressions, like crows feet.

Dermal filler injections are best for static wrinkles and hollows caused by the aging process.

Cosmetic injections

When done correctly, cosmetic injectables can be a formidable anti-aging weapon. At Injection Fillers By Sia, we only employ qualified medical staff, such as doctors and nurses, to carry out these treatments, so our clients get the best, most natural results.

When it comes to cosmetic injectables, less if definitely more. But many clinics have as tendency to use unqualified staff that over-fill or over treat the facial muscles, which can lead to an unnatural effect and even make clients look older.

At Injection Fillers By Sia, we will never give you an unnatural result. To find out more about cosmetic injectables and how they can help you fight the signs of aging, contact us now!